An opportunity to get a grant of up to 50% of the costs of carrying out a deep energy retrofit of your house!

As part of the Government’s commitment to the National Mitigation Plan, additional funding has been provided in 2019 towards the Deep Retrofit Pilot Program. It is universally accepted that the most important pathway towards low-carbon housing involves deep retrofitting of existing housing stock: it is envisaged that €35 billion investment in existing housing stock will be required by 2050.

The Deep Retrofit Pilot is being rolled out on a limited basis & involves carrying our multiple energy upgrade measures that will deliver a BER rating of A3 minimum; there is also a requirement that an uplift of 150kWh/m2/yr must be delivered by the works in order to qualify for the grant. This would indicate that this grant is suitable for existing houses that have a BER rating of C2 or worse, though there some other technical criteria that must also be satisfied.

Retrofit works will be carried out on a whole-of-house basis and will most likely include a combination of measures such as wall insulation, roof insulation, replacement windows, air-tightness & installation of mechanical ventilation systems. The works will also include installation of renewable energy technologies such as solar thermal panels, photovoltaic (PV) panels and heat pumps. In addition to grant-aiding the capital costs, funding is also available towards BER’s (pre-works & post-works), air-tightness tests (pre-works & post-works), design & project management. A feature of this grant is that it includes post-works energy monitoring over a 3-year period – grant aid towards the cost of this monitoring equipment is also available.

Typically, the Deep Retrofit Pilot grant will fund up to 50% of costs. However, private homes in energy poverty, and homes in the ownership of housing associations, can qualify for grants of up to 95%. All works & project management will be carried out by suitable qualified & experienced Service Providers. Overall projects will include a minimum of 5 no. houses.

There are many benefits from carrying out such a retrofit including:

  • Increased comfort
  • Improved health & well-being
  • Reduced energy & maintenance costs
  • Reduced carbon emissions
  • An A-rated house normally significantly increases the house value

SURVEY & DESIGN SERVICES is an active Service Provider for this program & is actively engaged in assessing projects for suitability for this generous grant scheme. For further information on this unique opportunity, please email contact details to

Also see grants section on the SEAI website.