It is estimated that there are 109,000 commercial buildings in Ireland, with nearly 75% being retail & office buildings.

Building Regulations

The new NZEB regulation will require that all new buildings occupied by end of 2020 & commenced after the start of 2019, must be completed to this standard.

Commercial Retrofit Programme

SEAI-funded BEC programme funds
energy saving projects across a number of sectors including private commercial organisations.

Accelerated Capital Allowances

A tax incentive scheme that enables a full deduction of expenditure of
eligible energy-efficient equipment against profits in the year that the
expenditure was incurred.

Energy Efficiency Obligation Scheme

Under the obligation of large energy suppliers to create energy savings,
companies are offering financial & other supports to businesses implementing energy saving projects.

“Ireland has a relatively unsophisticated commercial
buildings stock, and a high incidence of buildings in which basic upgrades could
lead to significant energy savings” – SEAI (2015)

One of the first steps towards a more energy-efficient & profitable pathway for a business involves conducting an energy audit.

  • Energy Audit

This will allow a clear identification of current energy consumption patterns & costs while identifying short, medium & long-term energy cost-saving opportunities.

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